Levity’s R&D team have published their latest research on nitrogen in the Journal of Horticulture and Post Harvest Research. The research shows that form of nitrogen significantly effects growth habit of ornamental crops, and that using LimiN chemistry (as used in our Lono products) can significantly improve flowering, growth habit, and ability to withstand stress.

The research led by Levity’s Dr Sally Wilkinson is the latest in a series of papers demonstrating the potential of Levity products to improve crop production compared to conventional fertiliser and builds on Levity’s groundbreaking research already published on other crops.

In a series of experiments on Marigold, pansy, petunia and geranium plants using Lono led to better rooting, faster growth, higher chlorophyll and 25-130% more flowers.

Levity David Marks said “Standard Nitrogen fertiliser is wasteful, both in terms of how much is recovered by crops but also in terms of where it makes them grow. Levity scientists are developing better ways to feed plants, with a focus on ‘growth partitioning’ our science shows we can get more out of plants by developing products that encourage growth in the right place. This research shows how growers of ornamental plants can produce better shaped more resilient plants that stand up to transplanting better and produce significantly more flowers.”

Effect of fertiliser N-form on appearance and flowering of pelargonium. Pelargonium fertilised with IS (Standard N) (1.4 mmol m-3), 0.05 mmol m-3 and 0.1 mmol m-3 SAN (using Lono).

Dr Wilkinson added “Our research opens up the possibility for growers to use lower amounts of fertiliser and get better plants at the same time. When nitrogen is taken up and used more effectively it makes a real difference. Whilst this research is on ornamentals the same principles can be applied to may horticultural crops, whereby improving the investment by crops in reproductive growth could significantly increase yields”.

The research paper is available here:


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