Lancashire-based agronomy specialist, Levity CropScience, has won the Best Innovation in Indoor Farming award at the Global Forum for Innovation in Agriculture (GFIA) Europe 2018.


Hosted in The Netherlands, GFIA Europe is an exhibition and high-level conference programme, showcasing the latest innovations and technologies for smart food production across four key areas: indoor farming and hydroponics; aquatech; livestock and animal health; and sustainable crops.


Levity CropScience won the Best Innovation in Indoor Farming award for one of its pioneering smart fertilisers, Indra, which has been proven to reduce the effects of naturally occurring stresses on crops. Indra is used in harsh climates throughout the globe, allowing crops to tolerate arid conditions without reduction in yield.


This latest award win comes following a stellar year for Levity, in which the company picked up several awards, including a Red Rose Award in the Innovative Business category and secured several distributors for its products, particularly in the Philippines, USA and Ghana.


David Marks, Co-Managing Director, Levity CropScience, said: “It’s an honour to receive the Best Innovation in Indoor Farming award at GFIA Europe 2018, Indra is a truly innovative product, changing the lives of growers in arid climates. In experiments, despite high salt water levels equivalent to 25% sweater, Indra has allowed crops to grow with no loss of yield.



“Levity’s innovative and ground-breaking products are making an impact around the globe. Demand is increasing as independent successful field trials, in a variety of countries, are continually highlighting how our products have the ability to increase yields and improve resilience in a variety of crops.”