Three more products registered in Egypt by Levity

Jun 29, 2019 | Company Updates

Innovative smart fertiliser company, Levity CropScience, has announced the registration of three of its products in Egypt, bringing the total to nine.

Levity’s Egyptian distributor, United Group of Agencies Agricultural Development Co, will now offer Elona Mg, Lono K and Albion Granular, alongside Lono, Lono Plus, Sulis, Albion, Indra and Damu.

Elona Mg allows growers to increase the resilience and volume of yields in vegetables, mainly tomatoes and cucumbers, whilst Lono K offers the same results across potatoes, grapes and mangoes. Finally, Albion Granular will allow growers in the North African country to produce better quality turf.

Levity first started offering its innovative smart fertilisers to growers in Egypt in 2017, since then the company has experienced significant demand for its products, leading to the addition of new ones in the market.

David Marks, co-Managing Director, Levity CropScience, said: “We’ve experienced fantastic demand for our products in Egypt since entering the market 18 months ago. Following our growth in the country, we have decided to register three more products, Elona Mg, Lono K and Albion Granular, all of which will help growers in the country become more resilient and produce greater yields.”

Mahmoud Aboalazaym, United Group of Agencies Agricultural Development Co. added: “Levity CropScience has proven to give smart and inexpensive solutions to solve many problems that the farmers face due to abiotic stress. Egypt has 100 million people to feed and we have to innovate to increase production and improve quality, Levity’s products allow us to do this.”

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