Levity CropScience presents latest world leading research at horticultural conference in Estonia

Aug 4, 2019 | Company Updates

Bilsborrow based Levity CropScience has presented its latest research at a global, industry-leading horticulture conference in the Estonian city of Tartu. The conference was organised by the Nordic Association of Agricultural Science, and was called the ‘NJF Conference on Horticulture’.

The conference was attended by several world-leaders in horticulture, with a focus on experts from the Scandinavian and Baltic states and featured talks and presentations from a variety of industry leaders, including David Marks, co-managing director, Levity CropScience. During the conference, David revealed how their innovative, world leading smart-fertilisers have improved the growth and shelf-life of strawberries and the yields for lettuces.

Explained David: “The NJF Conference on Horticulture was a great opportunity for us to present our latest research, based on detailed trials using three of our branded products, which focused on the improved shelf-life and developing stronger yields for strawberries and lettuces.  Based on the company’s innovative LoCal technology, which is used in our Albina smart-fertiliser, we have seen significant improvements in the shelf-life of strawberries, by improving the levels of calcium present in the yields. Similarly, Levity’s LimiN technology, present in our Lono smart-fertiliser, has improved the rooting and stress-resilience in lettuces, leading to healthier and larger yields for growers.

“Furthermore, our Albina product has been proven to improve the firmness and shelf-life of strawberries and other soft fruit, as well as improving their resilience, through the stimulation of calcium delivery in the crop.”

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