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Levity have a specialist team of scientists that have the know-how to test crop nutrition, biostimulants and stress tolerance products. We run experiments on nutrient and biostimulants week in week out, and have developed world class experimental techniques unique to Levity. Our experts help test efficacy and determine mode of action for an ever expanding multinational client base, who know that specialist techniques are needed to test the new generation of agricultural products.


With sites at Myerscough Agricultural College, and Lancaster University Levity have access to state of the art laboratories, growth rooms, and test glasshouses as well as field test sites. We are well set up to run experiments on practically all crops, and even have an on site golf course for testing products for sports-turf. Levity’s scientists have a range of equipment, analytical techniques, and small and large scale test facilities that is unrivalled in our sector.

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Our Skilled Team

At Levity we have a friendly and approachable team that has a unique skill set, and it’s great to be a part of that. My own specialist area is in crop stress and understanding how stress affects crops. This is an exciting field but one that has many challenges, it is not easy running experiments that generate crop stress, and over the years our team has built up an incredible array of techniques that help us in our own product development. When our clients work with us to test products and technology, they know that Levity will be able to deliver sound data based on quality science and produced in first class facilities.

Anna Weston

Managing Director, LinkedIn Profile

As an agronomist I have a lot of experience on fruit and vegetable crops, having had the privilege of working on them in over 40 nations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Oftentimes although crops have the same problems in different parts of the world, the root cause of them is completely different and therefore it takes a trained eye to know how best to correct them. At Levity we are able to draw upon a wealth of experience on the crops we specialise in. The depth of knowledge has been hard earned in a huge variety of climates, markets and cultures. What is exciting and unique about our industry is that on every farm visit we learn something new, which is hugely rewarding.

David Marks

Managing Director, LinkedIn Profile

At Levity we pride ourselves on being responsive to our customers needs. Our crop scientists look at the problem the customer has or issues that they are encountering with their crop. We then come up with ideas to help with the problem. Our new range of products have been generated following this method. We are really proud of the product range and believe that our customers will be proud of the yield increases they gain from using our products. At Levity we work hard as a team to deliver the best products we can.

Stephen Houghton

Product Development Manager , LinkedIn Profile

How We Are Different

We are world leading scientists in our fields, working directly with clients, passionately delivering bespoke services and products that outperform the industry leaders.


At Levity we start with the plant, our crop scientists know how plants work and our understanding of plant physiology helps up to develop more effective low dose high performance products.


Levity’s team take time to understand how, where, and what conditions crops are grown in. By understanding the environment in combination with crop physiology we develop ways to help plants thrive.


By properly understanding how crops work, and the environment they are grown in Levity develop products thatย help farmers around the world increase their yields sustainably.

Levity Crop Science

At Levity we have a vision, by understanding plants, protecting the environment and lifting crop yields we are helping to improve the way crops are grown.