Levity took a look at their field trial sites this week, and we are pleased to report the Levity treatments are showing up well.2015-06-17-11.25.36-600x339

This year our focus in Europe has been on testing two new products ToucaN and Super ToucaN on potato, cereal and field vegetable crops ready for their launch in September 2015.

Levity’s David Marks said “We have a major product launch coming up soon, and we have extensive field trials in place in the UK and northern Europe, as well as extensive research trials at our Lancaster University and Myerscough Agricultural College. It’s an exciting time for us, and we can’t wait to get the final results in on these truly groundbreaking new products.” He added “ToucaN will be our most advanced nitrogen product to date, it builds on the record breaking Delta products, adding new chemistry to further improve them, and Super ToucaN will represent the biggest step forwards in potato agronomy in a generation, it will be a really important product for the potato industry”.