All Levity Boron formulations have been reformulated to remove monoethanolamine (MEA).  MEA is commonly used in liquid boron preparations as it allows high levels of B to be formulated, however it has a high hazard rating . Levity’s formulations team has developed new chemistry to replace MEA in all our formulations giving farmers a safer and more effective alternative.

The resulting products solubilise Boron without the need for MEA whilst still maintaining a high analysis, they also contain new activators that improve uptake by the plant.


Levity’s Product Development Manager Steve Houghton said “Since the EU reclassified MEA as a hazardous material we have been working hard to replace it. The chemistry we have developed is far safer, and also more effective at getting Boron into crops.” He added “The plant-activators Levity has developed give the product a distinctive purple colour, so you won’t be able to miss the new products when we launch them in the coming weeks”.

Levity MD Anna Weston said “We constantly work to make our formulations the most effective and lowest environmental impact possible. Agriculture is a long way behind the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries in removing MEA. Levity’s new chemistry is completely different to the other products on the market and will set a new benchmark for performance” adding “The first products launched using this new chemistry will be products to improve yield of  Potato and root vegetables”.