The results from last years Dutch field trials are now in and Levity’s LiNk/LimiN based TouCaN formulation showed up really well.

Levity MD David Marks said “The trial plot generated interest all the way through the season, as the effects were so obvious. The plants were noticeably more green and you could easily pick out the Levity treated plots as green squares just by looking at the field” he added “this was also reflected in the NDVI scan data where the Levity treatments showed far better plant health than any other treatment.”

David added “of course what really counted was that at harvest the healthy Levity treated plants showed up significantly better yields  with 6MT extra marketable yield and 50,000 extra tubers. Obviously we are very pleased with this unique new product, and have now launched TouCaN in the Netherlands”.

The independent trials on the Innovator variety used five 5l/Ha applications of TouCaN and gave an impressive 6MT ha yield increase with far higher tuber numbers (50,000 extra tubers per Ha).


Levity MD Anna Weston said “TouCaN is the first of a series of products Levity are developing using our LiNk/LimiN technology. TouCaN was formulated for root and tuber crops, and is the result of many years of research and development at Levity at our Lancaster University and Myerscough Agricultural College sites. We will be launching LiNk / LimiN formulations for Cereals, soft fruit, field vegetables and protected vegetables following completion of our global independent field trial programme in 2016”.

Levity Commercial director Mike Peters MBE said “Levity invest time and money rigorously independently testing our products ahead of launch, so that when farmers buy our products they know that they will get a good return. Following these trial results we have now launched TouCaN in the Netherlands. We are close to agreeing distribution rights for the rest of the world and will be announcing our partner soon, watch this space…”

TouCaN is an EC Nitrogen Fertiliser Solution with calcium, magnesium and micro-nutrients for foliar application formulated using Levity’s unique LiNk/LimiN technology. It keeps plants healthy and encourages tuber growth and development.